Farming Simulator 22 Wheel and Joystick setups.

Farming Simulator 22 Wheel and Joystick setups.

Thrustmaster T300 and Joystick + H-Shifter + DIY control box Settings.

✅Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus edition
Thrustmaster TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter
✅DIY Control box
SJ@JX Arcade Game Stick DIY Kit

Game Settings / General settings

Automatic engine start: Off
Stop and Breaking: Off
Easy Arm Controls: On
Direction Change: Manual
Gear Shift Mode: Manual

Note: The shift gear and clutch don’t work well so far. If it’s improved or if I find a mod, I’ll share it. (2021.11.29)

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Gamepad Controls

🎮“T300 =THRUSTMASTER B66E” Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Racing Wheel
🎮“TA300 = T.A320 PILOT””>Thrustmaster TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter

Walk backwards: Brake, 25+Y(+)TA320
Walk forward: Throttle, 25+Y(-)TA320
Look right: 25+X(+)TA320
Look left: 25+X(-)TA320
Run: Throttle
Jump: Cross
Accelerate: throttle, 25+Y(-)TA320
Brake: brake
Steer right: RX(+)T300, 25+X(+)TA320
Steer left: RX(-)T300, 25+X(-)TA320
Look down(vehicle): DP-UP T300
Look up(vehicle) : DP-down T300
Look right(vehicle): DP-right T300
Look left(vehicle): DP-left T300
Increase cruise control: RT T300
Decrease cruise control: LT T300
Start/stop engine: DIY9
Toggle steering mode: DIY6

Change driving direction:L2+R2+cross T300
Toggle cruise control: PS T300
Activate hand tool: Circle T300
Use object: L2+cross T300

Attach tool: Cross T300,
Select next tool: Triangle T300, L2 T300
Dump: R3
Toggle tip side: R2+DP-down T300
Fasten/Unfasten tension belts R2+R3 T300
Change bale size: R2+R3 T300
Turn tools on/off: L2+R2 T300

Lower tool: circle T300, Y(+) DIY
Tool function 1: L2+circle T300 , 1 DIY
Tool function 2: 2 DIY, 4 TA320
Tool function 3: L2+square T300 , 4 DIY
Tool function 4: L2+triangle T300, 3 DIY
Change seeds: R2+triangle T300
Toggle pipe: X(+) DIY
Open/close cover: Y(-) DIY
Toggle straw swath: L2+DP-down T300
Dump on ground: L3 T300
Lower/raise all tools: 7 DIY
Tune on/off all tools:11 DIY
Fold all tools: 8 DIY
Unload: L2+R3 T300

AI worker: L2+PS T300
Toggle work mode: 5 DIY
Sprayer application rate change: 5 TA320
Change work width: 11 TA320
Raise front loader arm: Y(+) TA320
Lower front loader arm: Y(-) TA320
Extend front loader arm: DR-up T300
Contract front loader arm: DP-down T300
Raise front loader tool: 23 TA320
Lower front loader tool: 21 TA320
Open front loader tool: 3 TA320
Close front loader tool: 4 TA320
Rotate crane right: X(+) TA320
Rotate crane left: X(-) TA320
Raise crane arm: Y(+) TA320
Lower crane arm: Y(-) TA320
Raise crane arm 2: DP-down T300
Lower crane arm 2: DP-up T300
Extend crane arm: 21 TA320
Retract crane arm: 23 TA320
Open crane tool: 3 TA320
Close crane tool: 4

Rotate crane tool right: RZ(+)TA320
Rotate crane tool left: RZ(-) TA320
Open flap: 5 TA320
Close flap: 10 TA320
Open flap 2: 6 TA320
Close flap 2: 9 TA320
Skip message box: Cross T300
Open menu: Option T300
Shop: set T300
Toggle map view: L2+L3 T300
Select: R3 T300
Select camera: Square T300
Clutch: clutch
Gear 1-7: TH8A (No,1-7)
Shift group up: R2+RT T300
Shift group down: R2+LT T300
Change direction: 8 TA320
Select forward direction: 1 and 3 TH8A
Select backward direction: R TH8A

Toggle light: R2+DP-down T300
Toggle beacon lights: R2+DP-up T300
Tune signal left: R2+DP-left T300
Tune signal right: R2+DP-right T300

Keyboard setting: Default

Calmsden Farm. I started a new map. Hervesting & Baling Oats / FS22 / Steering Wheel Thrustmaster #1

Farming simulator 22 Wheel + Joystick Gameplay Mowing & Making Silage Bales – Massey Ferguson MF 8S
SJ@JX Arcade Game DIY Kit

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